We are pleased to bring to you the Blustream Advanced Learning Portal training program. Using our advanced online learning portal, our partners can complete a series of both technology and product focussed courses to both enhance their industry knowledge, and achieve certified status as a Blustream integrator.

Aiden Jones, Technical Director of Blustream EMEA explains how it works, ’Every year we try to expand the scope of our training initiatives, ensuring we are getting in front of our partners at every possible opportunity. We wanted to give our customers a clear path way to learn about video distribution from the ground up. Suitable for all technical abilities, we are hoping the interactive nature of the modules, coupled with multiple choice tests that must be passed to progress, will be of genuine benefit to our partners around the world. Our online platform will provide the user with progress updates, real-time feedback, detailed training logs, and an inherent understanding of our portfolio and how products work’.

Getting started could not be easier, complete the registration form at the bottom of this page, your application will be reviewed and confirmed by email within 72 hours. From then you can log in and start the certified training modules.

You can log into the Blustream Advanced Learning Portal using the button below, as soon as your application has been approved:

Please enter your details below to register for the Advanced Learning Portal:

Once your details have been submitted, you will receive a welcome email within 72 hours of your registration, which will include your login credentials. Please check your Spam / Junk folder as this login will come from outside of the Blustream domain.